The Order is an international network with members in Australia, Europe, and the United States. We operate primarily via electronic communication. We have members from all walks of life—who have many professions, occupations, and interests—some of which they share via articles or photos, etc. in our superb periodic colour newsletter, “The Crusader.” Once you have joined the Order you will have access to our Member's Only webpage and Facebook private members page which have regular updates.


Members keep in direct personal touch with others whom they know or have nominated.


The Order conducts formal functions, such as dinners and investitures, and works closely with other Orders of chivalry. We are active in youth development.



Ranks and Regalia:


Companion (CST) – regalia: lapel badge of the Order.

Knight (KST) – regalia: neck badge and mantle of the Order.

Knight Commander (KCST) – regalia: neck badge, mantle and breast star of the Order.

Knight Grand Cross (KGCST) – regalia: neck badge, mantle, gilt breast star of the Order.


For Ladies the title Dame replaces Knight at all levels.


New members will enter at the rank of Companion. Promotion to the rank of Knight or Dame will be available after 12 months of active service and study of the Order.


The badge of the Order is a red cross patonce, with an escallop centrally placed, surmounted by a crown to signify the independence of the new order, placed on a white field.



Membership of the Order:


Members of the Order are persons of outstanding character and personal achievement. Appointment to the Order is by invitation only. The Order is non-denominational Christian with the minimum prerequisite for eligibility being Christian baptism and non-renunciation of the faith.


Potential members of the Order must be personally known to an existing Knight who will vouch for their character and be personally responsible for their conduct. Membership of the Order cannot be purchased. Unlike the original Order it is not restricted to those of English birth or ancestry, but potential members must be supportive of English heritage.


We welcome new members who are supportive of our aims, chivalry code, and contemporary social charter. If you are interested in joining us, or would like further information, visit our CONTACT US PAGE.


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