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Join The Order


Members of the order are persons of outstanding character and personal achievement. Appointment to the order is by invitation. The order is non-denominational Christian with the minimum pre-requisite for eligibility being Christian baptism and non-renunciation of the faith.

Potential members of the order must be personally known to an existing Knight or Companion of the Order who will vouch for their character and be personally responsible for their conduct. Unlike the original order it is not restricted to those of English birth or ancestry, but potential members must be supportive of English heritage.

In general all new members (serving brothers or sisters) will enter at the rank of Companion (post-nominals, CST). Promotion to the rank of Knight or Dame will be available after 12  months of active service and study of the Order.

Knights and Dames are eligible to wear the Knights Neck badge of the Order. Here the cross of the Order is surmounted by a crown to indicate the independence of the modern order. Upon joining the order members receive an A4 parchment indicating they had been admitted as a Companion of the Order. Upon elevation to Knight or Dame, a grand A3 parchment certificate will be issued.

For those who feel that they represent the high personal standards required for admission to the Order, but do not personally know a member of the Order, alternative mechanisms exist for admission. Please enquire via the contact page.