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Chivalric Code

Chivalric Code

The promotion of chivalry in a modern context is one of the paramount functions of the Order. All serving brothers and sisters are expected to uphold our modern Chivalry code, defined as follows: One who practices chivalrous behaviour in today's society should endeavour to practice and uphold the following virtues:

Chivalrous ideals:

(a) Fraternity and solidarity with one's family and property and the defence of both.

(b) Dedication to service of God, Monarch (where one exists) and one's country through:

1. prayer.
2. stewardship and leadership with respect to the people and goods in one's care.
3. protection of the weak the poor, and the faithfull.
4. military service when necessary to defend one's country.
5. the defence of freedom of speech.

Chivalrous conduct:

(a) To at all times conduct oneself as a gentleman or lady by exhibiting the qualities of:

1. Consideration and respect for others
2. Honesty
3. Faithfulness
4. Patience
5. Politeness
6. Self discipline
7. Non- violent behaviour unless as a last defensive resort.
8. A belief in fair play
9. Punctuality

(b) To promote this chivalric code through example and education.


Badge Lapel badge.
Proudly worn by serving brothers and sisters of our Order.