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To honour those who have made an outstanding contribution to their community and or represent the best tradition of chivalrous ideals.

To promote chivalric and Christian ideals.

To promote awareness of the order and thereby promote St. Thomas.

To create an international network of like minded individuals.

To create a formal international structure for the order.

To promote English heritage

To defend liberty and freedom of expression

To protect historical heritage, and accurate historical representation.

To act as a benevolent body to support the above aims.

Organizational Structure:

The structure is similar to that of the other military and hospitaller orders of history. Head office is referred to as the Grand Commandery. The Order is ruled by the Grand Council which currently consists of the Grand Master and the Grand Bailiff. The Grand Master retains the power of veto over all matters affecting the Order. The command structure is as follows:

The Grand Master
The Grand Bailiff
Grand Bailiff's of major commanderies
(e.g. countries/ continents) or langues (eg German langue).
Bailiffs of minor commanderies (e.g. States).

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